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SocialJs CRM

Simple and fun, the Social CRM software for sales opportunity and business relationship management designed by sales people for sales people. Organize tasks, centralize client’s and prospect’s information. Gain in time and productivity. Boost your performance!

SocialJs Project

The most intuitive social and collaborative project management software on the market. A cloud-based solution to achieve operational excellence and get things done using modern and innovative Gantt. Support your teams successfully in real time with SocialJsProject!

SocialJs Ideas

The idea management tool to drive collaborative innovation. Harness Collective Intelligence. Crowdsource, manage and mind-map all the ideas of your communities using intuitive graphic representations. Increase your innovation potential and stay ahead of competition.

SocialJs HR

A web solution for Human Resources administrative management. Centralize your employees’ informations with complete and “Self Service” directories. Manage your resources in a simple and real-time way through intuitive organization charts.

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100% customizable solutions !
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Personalize our standard solutions according to your terminology
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image socialjs success cloud platform increase sales


SocialJs is a full web-based digital solution and integrates as a standard a configurator offering many possibilities for setting-up and configuring functional and business process and specific customizations to evolve with you.


Your performance and success go through more collaborative more sharing, data management and agile systems that evolve according to your goals. SocialJs is a pragmatic solution accessible from your PC, tablet or mobile that meets your needs.


SocialJs has modern pre-integrated components and tools that can be quickly customized to suit your needs and activities. Make your functional and business departments and their users more competitive and autonomous.


Our applications are available 24/24 from PC, tablet, mobile. The security of your data is at the heart of our concerns. Only those you have invited can access your applications. Your data remains your property, it is saved daily and hosted in EU. The exchange of information on our servers is secured through security certificate and SSL protocols.


To familiarize yourself with all our features and get the most out of the different SocialJs Apps, you can contact our support at any time via email: SocialJs can seamlessly integrates your IT environment to extend the functional and business coverage of your information systems.
Do not hesitate to call us on +33 (0) for further enquiries

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